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I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now and suspension is definitely my favorite area of the industry. It’s an area I have a tremendous amount of expertise, experience and creativity in!  From Motorcross bikes to Harley Davison’s (yes we can actually get your Harley to handle and be much more stable at high speeds!) 


I can do all kinds of custom work designed exactly for how you're using your motorcycle. From a revalve, powder coat, and anodizing, to all kinds of colors in a high-performance anti-friction coating called DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. It got its name from being the most exotic, performance-enhancing coating known to the suspension world today and it looks awesome too!!

DLC features a very lower friction co-efficient compared to hard chrome, less friction means a smoother ride.

DLC features a very high Rockwell Hardness rating compared to hard chrome

Exceptional wear resistance and fade resistance

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